Omar & Hana Collaborate with Zain Bhikha and Omar Regan

Omar & Hana is collaborating with the renowned South African singer, Zain Bhikha and the ever-talented comedian, Omar Regan!

Zain Bhikha is a famous nasheed singer from South Africa who is well known for his songs for kids and adults.

Omar Regan is an American director and comedian who lives in Los Angeles, USA.

The song “Everything Belongs to Allah” was originally written by Zain Bhikha but recomposed by Digital Durian to add a more “Omar & Hana feel” to it.

Omar & Hana Go Global

The special partnership marks our efforts to spread our wings to different countries, collaborating with different people around the world who share the same vision: to diversify the narrative of children’s content worldwide.

Our aim is also to provide an alternative content for Muslim kids around the world and to elevate Muslim cartoons.

At the same time, we are also collaborating with Maryam and Fatima Masud. Maryam who is only twelve years old hails from New Jersey, USA can already memorize the Quran very well.

The Beauty of the Song

The song was written with the idea to incorporate the true beauty of wildlife and nature for children to cherish and understand. On a deeper level, the song also focuses on how everything in this world was created by Allah SWT and therefore, everything indeed belongs to Him.

“Every bird has a prayer that he knows so well, praising Allah in their very own tongues. Leaving their homes with tawakkul, they do their best and Allah fulfills. What is due for me is already written, so surrender and say to Allah I belong.”

Kids are always looking for things to entertain them and in this globalized world, one cannot run away from the digital world. Therefore, we created Omar & Hana as a medium for kids to learn in a fun and educational way.

May families all over benefit from our songs, insyaAllah.


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