Make Your Ramadan Meaningful By Donating To Box Of Kindness Omar & Hana

Once again, this year, with the collaboration of the great artists Rhamzan Days and Zain Bhikha, “Omar & Hana” is releasing their new song to bring aid and assistance to 4 NGOs: Islamic Relief Malaysia, Islamic Relief UK, Mercy Malaysia & UK, and Dompet Dhuafa Indonesia. Such an attempt is Omar & Hana’s aim to raise about $120k to support more families and children in the holy month of Ramadan.

Perfect happiness does not always lie within things we love, but also in providing help to others. This way, we bring joy to ourselves and to others. It is all about emphasizing the best part of us: humanity. The part that makes us spread awareness about unfortunate children and families to support them and to provide for them a better life.

“Box of Kindness” comes as an initiative of Omar & Hana, Malaysia’s number 1 Islamic cartoon, to assist local as well as global humanitarian campaigns in their path to promote Islamic values. The values that should grow up with children, such as love, respect, and kindness. The project started in Ramadan 2019 with “Sufi’s Story”, which is a children-educating video about the deprived social categories in the world. The video was highly successful that we could, with the help and solidarity of our great donors, manage to raise up to $40k in order to help families in more than 30 countries with the empowerment of Islamic Relief.

Ramadan is all about cleansing one’s soul and sharing love and compassion between people. There is no better way, to achieve such a goal, than helping those who are in need, sharing with them love, and uniting all them all with us under the same ceiling. You can always join Omar & Hana in their beautiful kind mission by providing help and assistance, and by donating for poor families. This way, you spread happiness with them and within you in such a blessed month.


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