Get rewards by funding Omar & Hana App !

Have you faced the challenge as a Muslim parent to get a fun and educational Islamic App for your kids? An App that your kids love to watch and learn about Islam at the same time.

This is exactly what the Omar & Hana app aims to do. But who is Omar & Hana?

Omar & Hana is the most viewed Islamic children’s cartoon on YouTube in the world with more than 1.5 billion views and 3.5 million subscribers. Omar & Hana features the journey of siblings, Omar and Hana, and their family and friends, as they play, learn and teach good Islamic characteristics and values through songs, stories and interactive games/storybooks.

Malay YouTube Channel | English YouTube Channel Here is what Mufti Menk and other parents from all around the world are saying!

GOOD NEWS! Omar & Hana is launching an all new Omar & Hana App that will be the solution that many parents have been looking for.

An Islamic kids app that is safe, ad-free, has parental controls. Your kids will learn Islamic values, Islamic history, teachings from the Quran, duas, surahs through animations, interactive games and interactive storybooks. Most importantly - it will be content that your kids Love to watch and will want to watch again and again.

The Omar & Hana app will officially launch on IOS and Android on the 15th of June but for those Omar & Hana fans out there, you can fund, support the app development and claim amazing rewards like early access to test the app and give feedback (starting 16th May 2020), 50% discount on subscription or even get the ever so cute Omar & Hana plush toys and merchandise

For those of you who believe in our cause and want to invest in this dakwah journey, you may donate to benefit our Muslim children with an amazing app + amazing content and InshaAllah gain rewards in the hereafter as you will be contributing to ‘knowledge (of Islam) from which others benefit’. Amin. May Allah bless all our efforts.

So far, the LaunchGood campaign has raised USD 11,373 in 12 days. Click here to have access for beta testing of this app, to help fund it or to help donate for this cause.


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