1. What is “Box of Kindness with Omar & Hana”?

The “Box of Kindness with Omar & Hana” campaign is a humanitarian initiative driven by DD Animation Studio Sdn Bhd (“DDA”) in conjunction with Ramadan 2019. All matters pertaining to the planning, launching, execution and completion of the campaign is undertaken by DDA and its management.


2. What is the campaign duration?

The campaign will be held from May 2019 to June 2019.


3. What is the difference between donating through Islamic Relief USA (“IRUSA”) and Islamic Relief Malaysia (“IRM”)?

For donations to IRUSA, donors support by contributing to international and regional causes hosted by LaunchGood, a crowdfunding platform focused on the Muslim community worldwide. Donors may donate through a customised community page where the donation will then be transferred via a payment gateway called Stripe which is then set directly to IRUSA’s account. Through the partnership with IRUSA, there will be five packages worth USD30, USD40, USD50, USD60 and USD70 focusing on selected regions in need. Disbursement will take place a week upon IRUSA receiving the donations.


For donations to IRM, donors support by contributing to international and Malaysian causes hosted directly by IRM. Donors may contribute through the Omar & Hana Donor Page on IRM. The donation is transferred via internet banking and sent directly to IRM. Three packages of donations are available and are worth RM150, RM180, RM300 as well as a package of which amount is to be donated at the donor’s discretion. Donation packages worth RM150 and RM300 will be channeled to international causes, while the RM180 package will be channeled to Malaysian causes. Initial disbursement and distribution of food packages will take place on 26 May 2019.


4. What form of aid will the donations be channeled to?

Donors will contribute to IRUSA’s Ramadan Food Pack and IRM’s “Care4Hunger” programme by donating food packs consisting of essential food items including but not limited to rice, cooking oil, flour, biscuits, dates, and others.


5. What is the recipient profile of these donation packages?

The donation packages will be distributed to amongst others, underprivileged children and families in Malaysia and abroad. The Box of Kindness will provide food aid for their survival and for those in need of food and drink especially during the month of Ramadan.


6. Are IRUSA and IRM operating under the same organisation?

Yes, IRUSA and IRM are both partner offices with Islamic Relief Worldwide (“IR”), an independent international humanitarian aid and development organisation headquartered in Birmingham, United Kingdom and founded in 1984. IR has served in more than 45 countries, assisting more than 120 million people. IR also has a fixed network in over 30 countries covering 100 branches worldwide. The scope of IR assistance covers emergency assistance, integrated sustainable development, disaster risk reduction and advocacy.


7. How can donors donate?

Donors may make their donations via the following links:

IRUSA : https://www.launchgood.com/OmarHana

IRM : http://bit.ly/Ramadan-A-Box-of-Kindness-by-Omar-Hana

8. How do donors follow-up with their donations?

On-ground footages of disbursements will be shared with donors. Thereafter, LaunchGood and IRM will provide reports and metrics on funds raised and results of marketing for donations made via IRUSA and IRM respectively.

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