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Omar & Hana is DD’s second animated series specially made for the young Muslim kid in mind.


The songs and stories are written to educate and remind young Muslims about Islamic values and practices in a fun and interactive way.


In 2016, Omar & Hana was first produced in Malaysia. It captured the hearts of kids and parents ever since it was released on YouTube. 


This year, our Indonesian friends are enjoying Omar & Hana on Rajawali Televisi!


We have also just released our songs in English! Kids and parents can now enjoy watching our music videos on YouTube!

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Or email us at: omarhana@digitaldurian.tv 



Ustaz Don Daniyal

"Wow! Amazing! Omar & Hana inculcates good Islamic moral values using songs. My kids love it."

"It's really good! He's making me play it again and again especially "Assalamu Alaikum" I also love the animations! It's one of the best I've seen for Islamic songs. It's hard to find good ones so i think people will really like them insyaAllah!"

Asmaa Mohamed

Cyberjaya. Malaysia

  • Omar & Hana Islamic Songs for Kids
  • Omar & Hana Islamic Songs for Kids

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Omar & Hana Islamic Songs for Kids

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